Fortnite Mythical Cube

Leaving without announcing the event and allowing users to discover on their own what happens with the Fortnite mythical cube, ‘Fortnite’ has completely transformed one of the least interesting and crowded areas of the map, the tedious lake of Balsa Botín .

When the limit is reached and the 27 minutes it takes to move, the cube has gotten into the lake and has begun to sink, turning what was water into a film riddled with runes that acts as a trampoline and allows us to walk the area from one end to another hitting jumps.

The bad news is that nothing else has changed despite this. The runes printed on the ground remain the same and there are no additional changes in other parts of the map. Whatever is going to cause the arrival of the cube will have to wait a few more days.

Until we can know what this show ends in, Here is a video in which you can see the whole process of transformation.

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