PS4 Message may brick your console


Set your messages to friends or private because there is a message circulating that contains a code that bricks the ps4.

This is not a Joke! 

PlayStation 4 users are reporting a messaging glitch that’s causing some consoles to brick forcing owners to factory reset their PS4 systems.

PS4 Message Break

On the PS4 subreddit there are various reports from players who received strange messages that once opened caused their consoles to lock up, even receiving the notification of the message can cause a forced reset. 

A top post on the subreddit is warning other users to set their messages to private lest they fall victim to the bug. They explain that it happened to them and their party members during a game of Rainbow Six: Siege, according to the post on reddit the only party member not affected was the one who had their messages set to private. 

There’s no official word from Sony regarding this exploit but in the meantime you can set your messages to private by logging into your PS4, going into Account Management, then Privacy Settings, to Personal Info where you can set messages to either Friends Only or No One.

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